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China's die cutting machine technology status
Oct 11, 2018

Among the many post-press equipment varieties, the technology and industrialization of China's die-cutting machine products have reached a high level, and its main signs are as follows:

First, the import volume of die-cutting machines has decreased, and the export volume has been increasing. According to customs statistics: in 2002, 461 imported molding equipment, 25.291 million US dollars; in 2003, 455 imports, 26.026 million US dollars; in the first three quarters of 2004, only imported 213 units, 17.151 million US dollars; decline. In 2002, it exported 765 units, 10.86 million US dollars; in 2003, it exported 1066 units and 13.887 million US dollars; in the first three quarters of 2004, it exported 958 units and 15.519 million US dollars. It is expected that the annual export will exceed last year.

Second, the varieties of die-cutting machines basically meet the production needs of the domestic printing and packaging industry. Domestically, it can manufacture trademark die-cutting machine, self-adhesive label die-cutting machine, round die-cutting machine, round die-cutting machine, flat die-cutting and creasing machine including automatic flat die cutting machine. (Tiger mouth die-cutting machine) and other products, can already manufacture the die-cutting unit of the linkage line, such as: flexographic printing machine, gravure printing machine, self-adhesive printing machine, corrugated printing slotting machine and other equipment die-cutting unit.

Third, there are more than 20 companies that manufacture fully automatic and semi-automatic die-cutting machines.

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