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Die cutting machine application
Oct 11, 2018


1, damping aluminum foil tape die-cut products, electrical tape die-cut products, foam tape seals adhesives

2, the rear view mirror frame structure adhesive tape die-cut products

3. Die-cutting products for special-purpose sound absorbing materials

4. Die-cutting products for LCD, VCD and DVD in the car, die-cutting for transfer parts of interior parts, tape die-cutting for various interior parts

5. Die-cut products for protective cushioning materials, roof structure sealing tapes, etc.

Installed products: Double-sided tape, foam tape, transfer tape, double-stabilized tape that can resist plasticizer, tape that can reduce fog, can be used on auto parts after splitting and die-cutting. Such as: instrument panel, lamp housing, decoration, etc., the actual installation is faster, simpler and more accurate.

Noise reduction and shock absorption: Die cutting between metal parts and plastic parts, between plastic parts and plastic parts, between metal parts and metal parts, with foam, blankets, scratch-resistant textiles, etc. Products to play the role of noise reduction and shock absorption.

Interior and cushioning: All kinds of neoprene, foam and silicone materials are used in decorative parts, doors and ceilings after precision die-cutting.

Other applications: car standard installation, anti-high temperature spray masking paper, airbag sealing, speaker cover, temporary protection gallbladder, etc.

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