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Die cutting machine maintenance
Oct 11, 2018

First of all, the operator should pay attention to dust and clean. In actual production, a large amount of waste paper edge and paper hair will be produced when die-cutting the carton. If you pay attention, you will enter the chain transmission part, the die-cutting part moving platform and some rotating motion parts, and may block the photoelectric detection head, etc. , causing a malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to put the cleaning work of the die-cutting machine in the first place, and then ensure that the machine runs without trouble.

Second, the oil change of the die-cutting machine. The main action of the die-cutting machine is that the main motor drives the sliding rod and the pulley, and then drives the four pairs of toggles to move. It can reach 6000 sheets per hour in high-speed work. It is very troublesome without good lubrication and cooling.


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