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Type of die cutting machine
Oct 11, 2018

1. Round die cutting machine

One roller is equivalent to the impression cylinder, and pressure is applied during die cutting; the other is a roller die. There are two types of drum cutters, wood and metal. The former is mainly die-cut thick corrugated cardboard. The latter has metal drum cutters processed by chemical etching or electronic engraving. It is mainly used for die-cutting of labels and trademarks. There is also a metal roller die cutter mainly used for medium and high-grade long-line products, in the form of press-cut or shear.

2, round flat die cutting machine

The application of circular flat die cutting machine in the market is very few, there is no professional manufacturer in China, so I won't go into details here.

3, flat die cutting machine

The flat die cutting machine is the most widely used type at present, and it is also the model with the most manufacturers at home and abroad. The flat die cutting machine can be used for various types of die cutting, which can be used for manual paper-feeding semi-automatic die-cutting, as well as automatic high-speed linkage die-cutting; it can mold corrugated cardboard, cardboard, stickers, and Die-cut rubber, sponge, metal sheet, etc.

The vertical flat die-cutting machine, commonly known as the tiger's mouth, is said to be a bite-like movement similar to the mouth when it is working. It is named because it is unsafe to work and hurts people. In any case, the working characteristics of the vertical flat die cutting machine are illustrated in an image. The vertical flat die cutting machine is mainly divided into two parts: the fuselage and the press frame, and the die-cut plate is mounted on the fuselage. There are two types according to the way they operate: single pendulum and double pendulum. The so-called single pendulum type means that when the die-cutting, the pressure frame swings, the body does not move (that is, the plate does not move), the platen is in contact with the lower part of the pressure frame, and the upper part is in contact with the upper part, and the upper part leaves first, and the lower part leaves after the die-cutting ends. In this way, the force time is different, and the force is uneven, so the use is less and less, and slowly eliminated. The double pendulum type means that when the die is cut, the fuselage and the press frame have an action. Before the contact, the plate lithography and the plate are parallel, and the contact form is parallel movement, so the pressure is large and uniform. Most of the vertical flat die cutting machines produced are of this type. The vertical flat die cutting machine can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic according to the degree of automation. At present, the vertical flat die-cutting machine (tiger mouth) produced in China is mainly semi-automatic, the die-cutting is done by machine, and the paper feeding and delivery are done manually.

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