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Horizontal Analysis Of Automatic Flat Die Cutting Machine
Oct 11, 2018

The fully automatic flat die cutting machine is the key equipment for post-press processing of printed packaging products. It is not only a high-efficiency, safe and high-quality molding equipment, but also a flat die-cutting and creasing machine. The replacement of the tiger mouth die-cutting machine is favored by packaging and printing enterprises. The wide application of this kind of equipment and broad market prospects have attracted many enterprises to enter the manufacturing rank of fully automatic flat die cutting machine. So that China's fully automatic flat die cutting machine has formed a complete product variety series, in technology It also reached a higher level.

The working principle of the automatic flat die cutting machine is that the paper feeder feeds the paper into the front gauge and the side specification through the paper feeding part, and then the paper is sent to the die cutting mechanism for secondary positioning by the tooth row, and the die is cut. After cutting, the tooth row is sent to the waste disposal mechanism, and then the waste is passed to the delivery section to complete the die cutting operation. The technical level of China's fully automatic flat die cutting machine has been greatly improved, mainly in the following: the die cutting speed index of advanced enterprise equipment has reached N8000 sheets/hour. The die cutting precision has reached ±0.1~0.2mm, most The fully automatic flat die-cutting machine produced by the company generally has a stripping device, and some enterprises can manufacture the die-cutting machine for holographic bronzing die-cutting, and some enterprises can manufacture the fully-automatic flat die of die-cut corrugated paper. Cutting machine and semi-automatic flat die cutting machine. Most of the basic parts of these equipments are made of steel wall panels, and the machining center is processed. The precision and rigidity are fully guaranteed. The technical difficulties of the fully automatic flat die cutting machine are as follows: cam intermittent mechanism, chain guide rail, and crepe paper row have our own patented technology and intellectual property rights. The touch screen technology, frequency conversion speed regulation technology and programmable controller technology are widely used on the equipment, and the stability and reliability of the equipment are greatly improved.