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Label Slitting Machine
Oct 11, 2018

how to choose

The function of the trademark slitter is to divide the wide roll package raw material into a roll package of the required specifications to make it suitable for printing, or to cut the printed composite package into a narrow roll material. It is the last step in the production of packaging materials, and the quality and efficiency of the cut products are important. Due to the variety, specifications and uses of raw materials, the types of slitting machines are different. Many enterprises have incurred a lot of waste because the selected equipment can not meet the requirements, which delays the production schedule and causes losses.

Application range

The trademark slitter is a device for longitudinal cutting of wide rolls of material. So every word in the industry is in use, and we can understand it from the scope of use.

1. Used for stripping paper types This is also the mainstream product in packaging equipment, and the packaging market is often seen.

2. Used in the industries required for slitting leather, cloth, plastic, film, etc.

3. It is used for strip metal coils, such as strip steel, stainless steel, copper... It is mainly used in steel processing factories, steel manufacturers, rolling mills, electrical industry, automobiles, stamping parts, etc.