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Several Factors Affecting The Efficiency Of Flat Die Cutting Machine
Oct 11, 2018

With the development of packaging machinery, food packaging, gift packaging, and wine packaging are becoming more and more important. The boxes are of different shapes and unique features. Flat die cutting machine is the earliest packaging machinery used in product packaging machinery. From the most primitive fool die-cutting machine mode to the now-automatic flat-press die-cutting machine, the technology is very mature. In the now mature technology, Runfengping flat die-cutting machine manufacturers provide you with a few Points affect the attention of efficiency:

1. Paper cutting speed: The automatic flat die cutting machine has a very fast cutting speed, which is several times higher than the previous die cutting machine. The cutting speed is the guarantee of the efficiency of the whole die cutting machine;

2. Paper feeding size and height: With the development of the design process, the automatic feeding die-cutting machine continuously increases the paper feeding size and height, and can die-cut more different types of cardboard products;

3. Paper feeding method: The traditional paper feeding method is carried out by using a conveyor belt. The new equipment adopts the automatic paper suction technology, and the automatic paper suction technology can achieve the characteristics of fast and accurate paper suction;

4. Stability of die-cutting machine: The current die-cutting machine technology is relatively mature, and the die-cutting speed and accuracy are very stable. Therefore, the stability of the flat die-cutting machine has been very good.

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