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The Development Direction Of Slitting Machine
Oct 11, 2018

The development direction of domestic slitting machines is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Frame structure: Whether it is one slitting or two or three slitting, domestic slitting machine manufacturers should invest their energy and study on the frame structure, and actually design a more reasonable slitting machine from the perspective of slitting machine manufacturers. Get rid of the plagiarism of the slitting machine produced, research and design a personalized slitting machine, which makes the different materials in the structure more detailed, and provides favorable weapons for the film-making enterprises in the next round of international market competition. At the same time, I also find out the blue ocean for my own business.

2. Automation control part: At present, the automation level of the slitting machine produced in China still stays at the middle and lower level. Although the domestic control of the original device has been widely used and the price is lower, the depth of the domestic slitter manufacturers is used. It lags far behind the level of developed countries, especially in the control system, and the lack of organic combination with the structure of the slitting machine and the material to be cut. At this level, the vast majority of domestic slitting machines still remain at On the thick lines, the rigor and rationality of the slitter control system have not been fully understood. Domestic slitting machine manufacturers should start from the above several directions to find out the method that meets the cutting and cutting principle of the slitting machine and can maximize the use of the functions provided by the hardware.

3. Manufacturing: This is a common problem faced by China's manufacturing industry. Any mechanical equipment, besides being reasonable in design, requires precision in manufacturing, and Chinese manufacturing is lacking in this respect. In addition, manufacturing The process is also a weak link. In addition to some general-purpose machine tools, there are some special equipments for manufacturing slitting machines, such as dynamic balancing machines, water cutting machines, etc., because of the high precision of the cutting machine. Therefore, some equipments need to use CNC machine tools to process parts, especially the need to popularize the machining center, so that the processing precision of the equipment that produces the slitting machine can be fundamentally guaranteed.